Medical-Grade Linen Delivery Services in Houston, Texas

Over 90 years of expert industrial medical grade linen delivery services to our Greater Houston area
business professionals & medical community.

Partners in peace of mind

If you work in an environment that depends on cleanliness, you need to make sure you have a reliable linen delivery service. McKirchy Linen Service offers you a partnership of dependability and sustainability. Our continued efforts to provide industrial linen and medical laundry services enable those industries to run smooth operations. If you're looking for linen delivery or linen rental services in Houston, TX, call us now.


Who We Are

McKirchy Linen Service is one of the oldest linen and laundry services in the United States. Our values have kept us rooted in success, thereby encouraging the success of those we work with. We heavily value energy management and environmentally friendly services. In fact, we consider ourselves to be a green company. When you work with us, trust in our continued tradition of reliable service and quality.

What We Do

Our job at McKirchy Linen Service is to provide the cleanest and most sanitary linens possible. With our experience in this industry, you can count on just that to happen each time you work with us. Whether you are utilizing our rental or delivery service, you can bet on our commitment to your satisfaction.

We work in the industrial and commercial sectors. That means if you own or run an office, hospital, rehab, fitness center, spa facility, restaurant, or clinic, McKirchy Linen Service is the company to turn to for all your linen and laundry needs.

If you are ready to start a relationship with us, or if you just want more information, contact us today at (281) 704-3394.

McKirchy Linen Service is dedicated to conserving our planet’s resources. Our cleaning process is environmentally friendly and sustainable—something we are very proud of. Choose a “green” cleaning company by getting in touch with us today!